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-   ABOUT US  -

Welcome to Odessa's Meats; your North Carolina Department of Agriculture licensed meat and poultry handlers. Odessa's provides you with fresh poultry, seafood and beef along with many other meat selections.  We are your neighborhood mobile meat company, delivering fresh quality meats right to your front door.
Odessa's Wholesale Meats, was founded on the principles of family and sharing.  It is our goal to share our savings with today's families,  and feed those in need along the way.  Having a family of eleven of her own, "Mama Duke" (Odessa) took time to share herself and resources with others.  We will continue to share ourselves and savings with all of our customers.  Shop the smart and intelligent way and get more for your money when you do business with us.  Food should be a necessity that is affordable, not a luxury you can't afford. 
Today, families are busier than ever and with so many demands it leaves less time to plan meals and grocery shop.  Our home delivery system is designed to save you time and money.


We welcome each one of you and thank you for your continued support.

Be Blessed,

The Odessa Family

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